Add satellite radio to your Toyota or Lexus

We all know that listening to commercial after commercial on the radio is no fun. Upgrading your factory Toyota or Lexus radio to add SiriusXM satellite radio will solve that problem and allow you to listen to commercial free stations.

There are several options on the market ranging from FM transmitters to external satellite radio modules that can sit in your dash somewhere and tend to be an eyesore. Vais Technology, a company that specializes OEM Toyota & Lexus upgrade accessories has the perfect solution at a fraction of the cost of the dealership.

The Vais SL3-SAT is a Plug & Play kit that simply plugs into the 12 or 20 pin port behind your radio and allows you add satellite radio just as if it came from the factory with it pre-installed. Most Toyota and Lexus radios come from the factory with a XM or SAT button on the radio somewhere, however, unless you opted to add that feature when buying the car from the dealership, the equipment to make those buttons work is not installed. That is where the Vais SL3-SAT plugs in to provide a seamless integration and enable OEM quality satellite radio directly into your factory Toyota or Lexus radio.

Unlike FM transmitters, the SL3-SAT is plugged directly into the radio and provides digital HD quality sound, while also allowing you to use the factory radios buttons and steering wheel controls to change songs. Additionally, you can browse all your favorite stations, and assign your favorites to a pre-set allowing you to quickly switch between your favorite channels.

Installation is straight forward. You will need a SXV-300 tuner in addition to the SL3-SAT, so I recommend to purchase the tuner kit which includes the tuner and the SL3-SAT kit. To install, simply plug the included harness into the back of your radio, and then connect the SXV-300 tuner and then run the included antenna to the desired mounting location (best to place on the roof of the vehicle).

If you aren’t sure if you can install this on your own, then you can also take the vehicle to a local car audio shop and bring the kit with you and they can install for you at their regular hourly labor rate. If you’re based in San Diego, give us a call and we can arrange installation for you at one of our local shops or we can have one of our mobile install technician’s come to you.