Backup Camera Kit

There are several products on the market that can provide you with a backup camera option to your vehicle, but many of those options are external units that sit on the dash, or link to your smartphone without using the vehicles factory display screen. In this article, we will discuss options for adding a backup camera to your vehicles factory installed radio display screen, without having to use dealership parts, or having to get anything programmed from the dealership which will save you a major headache and lots of your hard earned money.

There are several brands out there that make OEM backup camera solutions, however, we strongly recommend and only use a few companies that specialize in these types of products such as Crux Interfacing and Nav-Tv. These companies have been in the industry for many years, and are well known brands that continuisly provide firmware updates, technical support, high quality cameras, and research and development that go into ensuring that each kit is actually compatible with the vehicles that they have on their compatibiliry guide.

In order for one of these OEM solutions to work with your vehicle, first and foremost, you must have a factory installed radio that has a display screen. Then, find the part that is designed for your specific vehicle. You will notice that these kits come with a plug & play harness (in most cases) that gets plugged into the back of the factory display screen. In some cases, you may have to un-plug a cable, plug in the new cable, and then plug the existing one into the new cable. Connect the video module to the harness, and then connect the camera (if included) and run to the desired mounting location.

Once installed, these kits will function just like the factory backup cameras do as if the vehicle came from the dealership with the backup camera feature already installed. Some of the most important features you want to look out for are the quality of the camera, whether it's waterproof or not, auto switch which makes the camera turn on once the vehicle is placed in reverse, and parking guide lines.

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