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Crux VRFBM-77D

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The Crux VRFBM-77D enables you to add a front-view and a rear-view camera to select 2004-2013 BMW vehicles equipped with the 8.8"BMW CCC navigation systems.


Crux VRFBM-77D Rear-view Camera + Front-view camera Integration for BMW Vehicles with CCC Navigation Systems

The Crux VRFBM-77D enables select BMW vehicles to add a front view and rear view camera to the factory display screen allowing for a much safer driving environment for you and your passengers. After installation of the VRFBM-77D, the system will function just like the OEM BMW backup camera systems function, switching the vehicle into backup camera mode when the vehicle is put into reverse.

Included with the Crux VRFBM-77D is all of the wires and harnesses needed to install the unit into the vehicle. The system is a plug & play system, making it a pretty straight forward and easy installation. Everything just plugs into the VRFBM-77D module, and then into the radio.

The Crux VRFBM-77D supports any standard rear-view camera or front view camera. The cameras are not included with this kit, so you will need to shop for your own camera to find one that fits your specific vehicle’s needs.

If using both the rear-view and front-view camera, the Crux VRFBM-77D features a unique picture in picture capability which allows you to combine the backup camera as well as the front view camera on the same screen.

If you are not planning to use the front-view camera, you are able to use the video input from the front-view video source and use it as an optional video input for other video devices such as a gaming system, DVD player or any other device that uses audio/video inputs.

Compatible Vehicles:


1 Series 3 Door Hatchback - 2007-2011
1 Series 2 Door Coupe - 2007-2013
1 Series 5 Door - 2004-2012
1 Series Convertible - 2008+
3 Series Sedan - 2005-2011
3 Series Wagon - 2005-2011
3 Series Coupe - 2006-2013
3 Series Convertible - 2007+
5 Series Sedan - 2004-2010
5 Series Wagon - 2004-2007
6 Series Coupe - 2004-2010
6 Series Convertible - 2004-2010
X5 - 2007-2013
X6 - 2008-2011

Compatible Infotainment Systems:

  • E Series with Navigation System
  • 8.8" Monitor and 10 pin LVDS Connector

Product Manual:

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