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Vais MML-L1

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The Vais MML-L1 is a USB media device that allows you to upgrade your factory Lexus radio to support a USB hard drive or thumb drive. It also allows you to plug in your USB charging/sync cable for your smartphone so that you can play music from your smartphone right on your factory Lexus radio.


Vais MML-L1 USB Media Integration for Select 2001-2009 Lexus Radios

The Vais MML-L1 is a USB media integration kit that is designed specifically for select 2001-2009 Lexus vehicles to enable the use of a USB thumb drive, an external hard drive, or an iPod/iPhone by plugging your USB charging/data cable into the MML-L1 USB port. Because this kit is installed directly into the radio, you will get digital HD quality sound.

Once installed, the MML-L1 allows you to stream music to your factory radio while also allowing you to use the radios buttons and steering wheel controls to browse your music, change songs, and more. Additionally, the kit can display song title, album name, and artist information directly of the factory radio display screen.

Installation is straight forward. Simply plug the included 20 pin radio harness into the auxiliary port behind the radio, connect the MML module, and then run the included 4 foot USB cable to the desired mounting location. We also recommend purchasing a USB flush mount so that you can have the female USB port somewhere convenient on your dash.

The Vais MML comes in 2 different versions, the MML-L1 and the MML-T1. The L1 and the T1 models both use the same module, they just have different vehicle radio harnesses. The L1 is designed for Lexus vehicles and the T1 is designed for Toyota vehicles. If you aren’t sure which version you need, please contact us so that we can help you choose.


  • Plug & Play
  • Use factory radio buttons and steering wheel controls
  • See Who’s Playing
  • Digital HD Quality Sound
  • Works with Apple & Android
  • 1 Year Warranty

What's In the Box?

  1. Vais MML Module
  2. 20Pin Radio Harness
  3. USB Extension Cable
  4. Instruction Manual
  5. 1 Year Warranty Registration 

Compatible Vehicles:


GS 300/350/430/450h - 2001-2005 -All Packages
ES 300/330/350 - 2002-2003 --With Navigation
ES 300/330/350 - 2004-2006 - Without Navigation
ES 300/330/350 - 2004-2006 - With Navigation
GX 470/460 - 2003-2004 - With Navigation
GX 470/460 - 2003-2004 - Without Navigation
RX 300/330/400h/350/450h - 2001-2003 - With Navigation
RX 300/330/400h/350/450h - 2001-2003 - Without Navigation
RX 300/330/400h/350/450h - 2004-2006 - All Packages
LS 430 - 2001-2003 - All Packages
LS 430 - 2005-2009 - All Packages
IS 300/250/350 - 2001-2005 - All Packages
SC 430 - 2005-2009 - All Packages

Product Manuals:

Installation & Operation Manual: Click Here

Application Guide: Click Here

Demo Video


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